Castor Oil plant

Scientific name of Castor oil plant: Ricinus communis Linn

Name of Castor oil plant in different languages:-

Sanscrit: Panchangula, Vatari

Hindi: Erandi

Malayalam: Avanakku-ആവണക്ക്, Eranda-ഏരണ്ഡ

Plant description:-

The castor oil plant is a shrub or small tree commonly seen in waste areas, and roadsides etc., it reaches a size of  12 m in height, but its wood is not hardy. Leaves are glossy and green and 15 to 45 cm long, fruit are spiny and greenish in color, and the capsule containing large bean-containing seeds is highly poisonous.

Useful plant parts:

Seed, Leaf.

Medicinal uses: 

To treat (vatha) rheumatic pain, Joint pain, and Asthma.

Chemical content:

Triglycerides, Ricinolein

How to prepare medicines:

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