Ayurveda Home remedies – Health Tips

Ayurveda Ottamooly Chikilsakal – Nattuvaidyam


1. Drink 1 glass of milk with 1 tsp. of Ghee (clarified butter)

2. Intake of Indian gooseberry with milk or vegetable can reduce acidity.

3. Drink the decoction of fenugreek.

4. Consume fresh leaves of Holy Basil.

5. Drink a glass of lukewarm water every day in the morning.

6. Drink Watermelon juice.

7. Drink tender coconut water.

8. Drink decoction of mint leaves.

9. Chew 7 jeera seed and petiole of two ripe jackfruit leaves

 Athlete’s foot

1. To cure Athlete’s foot, boiled Indian pennywort– Kodangal- leaves with raw turmeric in water and rinse the foot in the lukewarm water, repeat this for two to three days.

2.  Apply Tree Oil on affected area.

3. Keep the crushed garlic on affected area.

4. Apply neem oil, sesame or Virgin coconut oil.

5.  Chopped organic ginger boiled in water and allowed to cool and rince the foot


1.Mix Drumstick tree leaves juice with jaggery and boiled it till it became the paste form and have it daily.

Bad breath:

1.A decoction of holy basil leaves kept in mouth for awhile, repeat this two to three times daily

Bed Wetting:

1.Chew some Black Sesame seeds (5 gm), before going to the bed.


1.Apply honey on affected part.

Body pain:

1.Boil water with Common salt and take a bath in it.

2.Iruveli leaves  boiled in water and used it  to take bath

Common Cold:

1. Burn dried turmeric and inhale the smoke to open nostrils.

2. A few drops of castor oil are let into the nose to cure common cold.

3. Smelling of Indian borage can reduce cold


1. Onion cut into small pieces and have it with honey.

2. A piece of garlic chew it well and gulp juice slowly.

3.One teaspoon mixture of Long pepper powder with honey is better to reduce the coughing.

4. One tablespoon of honey mixed in one glass Luke warm tea water and drink 3-4 times daily.

Chronic Coughing:

1. Ground 7 cumin seed (Jeerakam) with Malabar nut (Adalodakam)leaves and drink the mixture twice a day


1. Take a rub on the crown area of the head with Aloe vera leaf juice once in a day for 3 days.

2. Indian gooseberry cut into pieces and remove seed, and ground well to made a paste form and extract its juice and add three teaspoons of lemon juice, shake well and apply on scalp and wait for 30 minutes and the wash off in the water.


1. Boiled nutmeg is powdered and consumed with a plantain fruit.

2. Grind a small piece of nutmeg well and have with honey.

Ear Problems:

1. Take one dried red chilly, remove its seeds from inside and fill with coconut oil. After a while, the oil can be poured to ears to reduce pain.

2. Massaging Castor oil on your feet regularly is better for eye problems

3. Consume young leaves and flowers of Ponnaraveeran  as a curry can improve eyesight.

Enhance memory power in children:

1.Brahmi plant’s leaves fried in ghee and consume  with food ( rice).

For Insect bite:

1.Grind Holy basil leaf, 2-3 black pepper and raw turmeric well and apply.

Gas Trouble:

1.Drink Ginger juice 1 ml to 2 ml with warm water for three times daily.

2. Intake of coriander can reduce gas trouble.

3. Heated or half cooked garlic can consume.

4. Cumin seed(Jeerakam) covered  in a leaf of Indian pennywort (Kodakan or Kodangal) and chew well and eat.


Apply well-ground garlic paste can be applied on toes.

Hair Loss:

1. Regularly do massage on the crown area of the head with Aloe vera leaf juice.

2. Indian gooseberry cut into pieces and remove seed, and ground well to made a paste form and extract its juice and add three teaspoons of lemon juice, shake well and apply on scalp and wait for 30 minutes and the wash off in the water.

3. Curry leaves-Curryveppu 3- 4 leaflets,  Aloe vera-Kumari half piece of leaf, Lawsonia-Mylanji leaf 50 gram, both boiled in 500  ml. of coconut oil is applied on the scalp before bath.

Increase Breast Milk:

One tablespoon of crushed Fenugreek seeds powder can mix in cow milk or goat milk and drink 3 glass daily.

Intestinal worm infestation

1.Take equal parts of Ginger juice, Small onion juice, and honey can consume before bed.
2.Holy basil leaf juice mix with honey can consume to reduce worm disturbance.
3. Consume half cooked young Papaya fruits.

Low Blood Pressure:

3 pieces of Whole Black Pepper swallow it regularly first in the morning,1 Glass of rice juice added with salt and drink.

Mouth ulcer

Ground 1 -2  leaflets of curry leaves, mix in buttermilk and keep in mouth for a while.

Obesity – Overweight/Excess Fat:

Boil the mixture powder of TriphalaCardamomcinnamon and  green tea in water and drink 100 ml regularly in empty stomach.


Mix Black pepper powder with Sesame seed oil, warm it up and massage on affected areas.


Apply Cotton dipped in castor oil on affected areas. keep it for a  while.


Ground well Young coconut shell and raw turmeric and applied on the affected area, and kept it  for one hour and washed out, repeated it for 5 days.

Ringworm Infection

1.Rub with leaves of Ringworm plant on affected area, this is also beneficial to reduce other fungal infections.
2. Burn the coconut shell on a flat stone to collect the oil, it can apply of affected areas.


Massage Ghee on the feet before going to the bed.


Grind well Leaf juice of Puthari chunda 1 piece of garlic clove 2-3 black pepper and pour the juice on the head; repeat it before sunrise for 3 days.


Ground Red sandalwood well and mix with honey. Apply the paste on face for one hour and wash in cold water.

Stomach Problem:

Mix one pinch of turmeric powder in a glass of hot milk and drink daily before bed.

Sexual Weakness:

Ashwagandha-Wintercherry– Powder and Ghee (2 teaspoons each) added in 1 cup of milk, boil well and drink it regularly in the morning.

Shining hair:

Henna -Mehendi (Mylanji) leaves grind with turmeric and apply on hair for one hour and wash without soap.

 Spider bite:

1.Three leaves of crushed Ayappana plant leaves  make a paste and applied of affected area and another three leaves can consume.

2. Well ground holy basil leaves and raw turmeric can be applied to cure  poison  of spider bite.


Squeeze Small Onion, black pepper, and Thumba leaves to juice and pour in head before sunrise

 Tooth/Gums Problems:

Cut a small branch from a Neem tree and chew it like a brush gently.

Bite the stamen of toothache plant

The wound in the eye:

Squeeze young leaves of moringa for its juice, mixed with honey and pour 1 drop each in both eyes.

To increase HB in Blood:

Leaf of Indian pennywort (Kodakan or Kodangal) and small onion cut to small pieces added with lemon juice. keep the mix for a while and have it daily.


1. Mix Honey with cardamom powder and have it slowly.

2. The mixture of Ginger juice one teaspoon with honey one teaspoon is better to drink for vomiting.


Consume 1 small piece of Jaggery (Karuppetti) in empty stomach in the morning, then wait for 5 minutes and have 1 teaspoon Caraway powder.

Worm problems  in small children: Drink 1 tablespoon of holy basil leaf juice with honey daily just before bed.

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