Wild Turmeric

The Scientific name of Wild turmeric: Curcuma Aromatica

Name of Wild turmeric in different languages:-

English: Musk turmeric

Sanskrit: Vana-meshika

Hindi: जंगली हल्दी jangli haldi

Malayalam: Kasthoori manjal-കസ്തൂരിമഞ്ഞൾ, Kattumanjal-കാട്ടുമഞ്ഞൾ

Plant description:

The wild turmeric is a perennial herb, the stalk grows to about 25 to 30 cm tall, the leaves are green, tapered in both ends, commonly grow fast in rainy (monsoon ) season, in maturity crowned with enlarged, pink colored bracts occur in the tips, after some week plant will dry down in late autumn and the rhizomes remain in the soil. Rhizome resembles turmeric, except in color, which is the useful part.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Lanceolate Margin-Entire Venation-parallel

Useful plant parts:


Medicinal uses:

Ayurveda Cosmetic treatments, Cancer, inflammation.

chemical contents:

Curcuma, antibiotic.

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