Wild onion

The scientific name of Wild onion: Urgenia indica

Name of Wild onion in different languages:-

Sanskrit: Krimighna, Putakanda, Suputa, Vana-palaandu, Kolakanda, Vajrakanda.

Hindi: Jangli piyas

English: Indian Squill, Sea onion

Malayalam: Narivengayam നരിവെങ്കായം, Kattulli

Plant description:

Wild onion (Urgenia indica) is a perennial herbaceous plant, that grows from bulbs and resembles onion. leaves are long, typically 15 to 30 cm long and 1 to 2.5 cm broad, ovate at apex, flowers are bell-shaped, white or orange, appear in spring, from a leafless stem, up to 50 cm long.

Useful plant parts: Rhizome

Medicinal uses: cardiotonic, treatment of cough problems, chronic bronchitis, and asthma.

How to prepare medicines

Heel pain – Fresh onion Wild onion heated till it becomes soft and pressed with the affected heel repeat this till the bulb becomes cold.

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