Wild elephant foot yam

The scientific name of Wild elephant foot yam: Amorphophallus sylvaticus

Name of Wild elephant foot yam in different languages:-

Sanskrit: Vajrakanta,Vanasoorana, Kanana kanda

Hindi: Vansooran, Bansooran

Malayalam: Kattuchena കാട്ടുചേന.

Plant description:

Wild yam is a perennial herb commonly in tropical areas, Western Ghats, or semi-evergreen forests, It is a flowering plant and fruits in May- August period, the single stem is an erect, brown stem with white dots, grows up to 2 feet in height, with a glossy green leaf, peduncle elongates to 55 cm, fruits are deep yellow to orange. yam found in deep soil, weighing up to 1 kg, hairy, and touching may cause itching.

Useful plant parts:


Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Lobed Margin-Entire Venation-palmate

Medicinal uses:

Wild yam is used to treat Vata, Kapha disorders, omitting, cough, and sexual weakness.

Flower of Wild Elephant foot Yam

Wild elephant foot yam is used as an ingredient in:

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