Wild date-palm

The scientific name of Wild date-palm: Phoenix pusilla Roxb

Name of Wild date-palm in different languages:-

English: Ceylon Date Palm, Broom palm

Sanskrit: Parooshaka

Hindi: Palavat

Malayalam: Chittenthu, ചിറ്റീന്തൽ-Chiteental

Plant description:

Wild date-palm endemic to southern India, found in ridges and hills, belongs to the palm family, it is a flowering plant, grows to the height of 5 m, this species is slow-growing, solitary stemmed, clumps occur naturally according to its age, the trunks are covered with leaf, fruits are many grow in clusters, golden orange, globose, inside thick and hard.

Useful plant parts: Root, Fruit

Medicinal uses: To treat fever, cardiac debility, peptic ulcer, Vata, Pitta, burning sensation, and general weakness.

Other uses: Bundled dried leave used as a broom in Kerala and Tamilnadu

Wild date palm is used as an ingredient to prepare Ayurvedic medicines like:

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