Wild Cumin Seed

The scientific name of Wild cumin seed: Vernonia anthelmintica Wild

Name of Wild cumin seed in different languages:-

Sanskrit: Somaraji

Hindi: Banjeera

Malayalam: Kattujeerakam (കാട്ടുജീരകം)

Plant description:

Ironweed or wild cumin is commonly found in deciduous forests, altitudes above 1500 m. It is a herb, growing to 1 to 1.5 m. tall, leaves and stems are hairy and it is very bitter, flowering and fruiting is September to March; stems scabrid, leaves to 13 cm long and 5 cm wide, elliptic, tapered at apex, Flowers are pink, 30 to 40; corolla 10 mm long, seeds are very similar to Cumin seed, except black color and strong bitter taste.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Lanceolate    Margin-Dentate   Venation-Reticulate  

Useful plant parts:

Seed, root, leaf

Medicinal uses :

Worm infestation, control and prevent diabetes, asthma

Chemical content:

How to prepare medicines with Wild cumin seed:

1. Wild cumin seed is a miraculous medicine for blood sugar, 60 gm of seed is made as a decoction and drink morning and evening to is very effective to control diabetes.

2. Seeds boiled in water and drink can reduce worm infestation and asthma.

3. Dried seed ground well and mixed with honey is suggested in  the treatment of severe gas trouble (it is highly bitter)

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