Whitehead spike sedge

The scientific name of Whitehead spike sedge: Kyllinga nemoralis

Name of Whitehead spike sedge in different languages:-

English: White Water Sedge, White-flowered Kyllinga,

Hindi: Nirvishi

Sanskrit: Svetanirvisa

Malayalam: Velutha muthanga, Palnirvasi, Velutta nirvasi

Tamil: Velutta nirbasi

Plant description:

It is a perennial creeping sedge, member of grass family, glabrous, erect, grow up to 30 cm, leaves are simple, many, linear, acute apex, strong mid nerved; the flowers are white, small terminal spikes, solitary; rhizomes are black, elongated, creeping, with a pleasant smell; fruits are obovoid to oblong, pale reddish brown.

Useful plant parts: Tuberous root

Medicinal uses: To treat fever,To treat fever, splenopathy, diarrhoea, pitta, vata, dermatitis, fistula, hyperdipsia, strangury, bronchitis, hepatopathy, diabetes, and tumours.

Chemical content: Carbohydrates, Proteins, Alkaloids, Glycosides, Saponins,Tannins, Flavonoids Steroids, Triterpenoids, Volatile oil, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Alkaloids, Glycosides, Saponins, Tannins, Flavonoids Steroids, Triterpenoids, Volatile oil

Medicinal  properties: Hepatoprotective, Antinode

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