White Orchid-tree

The Scientific name of White Orchid-tree: Bauhinia Acuminata

Name of White Orchid tree in different languages:-

Sanskrit: Svetakanchanara, Karbudara

Hindi: Kanchanar

English: Dwarf White Bauhinia

Malayalam: Vella Mandram- വെള്ള മന്ദാരം, Kongu

Plant description:

White Orchid-tree are mostly found in deciduous forests, and grow to the height of 2 to 3 meters tall, the leaves are rough, green, and bi-lobed, up to 15 centimeters long, with the apical cleft up to 5 cm deep. The flowers are pure white, fragrant, and with five petals sized to 8 to 12 centimeters in diameter. The fruit is a pod 7.5 to 15 centimeters long and 1.5 to 1.8 centimeters broad.

Useful plant parts of White Orchid-tree:

Root, bark

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Heart Shaped Margin-Entire Venation-palmate
 heartshaped  Margin_Entire  Venation-palmate

White orchid tree – Vella Mandaram
White Orchid-tree
Yellow orchid tree -Manja Mandaram
Yellow-Bell Orchid
Red orchid tree -Chuvanna Mandaram

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