Water Caltrop

Scientific Name: Trapa natans

Name of in different languages:-

English: Water chestnut, Buffalo nut, Singhara, Batnut, Devil pod

Sanskrit: Kachora

Hindi: Singhada-सिंघाडा, Pani-phal-पानीफल

Tamil: Neer kombuchedy- நீர்கொம்புச் செடி

Malayalam: Vankottakkaya-വൻകൊട്ടക്കായ, Karimbolam-കരിമ്പോളം, Kakkamulluകാക്കമുള്ള്

Plant description:

It is an annual aquatic plant, growing in slow-current water, depths up to 5 meters, the leaves are float over the water surface, small, arranged in a rosette manner, margin toothed, size 2 to 4 cm, the flowers are small, white flowers consist of four 8 mm long petals and 4 green sepals, and it is located at the center of the plant. The fruits are brownish-black, four-horned, about 3 cm sized nuts that resemble the head of buffalo an ox, or a flying bat, which grows underwater, and contain a single, large, white, starchy seed.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Diamond Margin-Serrated Venation-Reticulate

Useful plant parts: Seed

Medicinal uses:

Used as Aphrodisiac, Appetizer, Antibacterial, Anti-pyretic, Astringent, Coolant, Diuretic, and Tonic.

Chemical contents:

Phytosterols, Flavanoids, Saponins, Glycosides

It is used as an ingredient in the preparation of Ayurveda medicines like:

Maharajaprasarani Thailam

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