Velvet leaf

The scientific name of Velvet leaf: Cyclea peltata

Name of Velvet leaf in different languages:-

English: Patha, Raj Patha

Sanskrit: Laghu Patha, Patha, Ambashtha, Piluphala, Ekashthila, Dipani, Varatiktata, Tiktapushpa, Atisaranashani, Ambashtaki, Pracchina, Shreyasi.

Hindi: Abuta, Leghu patha.

Malayalam: Malathangi മലതാങ്ങി, Padathali- പാടത്താളി

Plant description:-

Velvet leaf is an annual climber vine, spreading over trees, commonly found in tropical forest areas, Western Ghats area, etc., leaves are dark green, hairy, ovate, heart-shaped, and about 4 to 10 cm in diameter. Flowers are small, dioecious, light green in color, in clusters borne in leaf axils. The fruits are many, small and round, found in clusters, green in color turn to red when ripe.

Useful plant parts:

Root, leaf, whole plant

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Peltate Margin-Entire Venation-Arcuated
 Margin_Entire  Arcuated

Medicinal uses:

To treat rheumatic disorders, cough and cold, to increase breast milk, urinary disorders, to treat cobra bite, anti-malarial.

Chemical contents:

Alkaloid (Pelocin), Saponin

How to prepare medicines:

Velvetleaf is one of the ingredients in Ayurveda medicines like-

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