Valiya Rasnadi Kashayam

Valiya Rasnadi Kashayam is an Ayurvedic herbal decoction that falls under the category of “Kashayam.” Kashayams are water decoctions made by boiling specific herbs in water to extract their medicinal properties. “Valiya Rasnadi” refers to the specific combination of herbs used in this formulation.

The term “Rasnadi” suggests that the formulation likely contains “Rasna” (Pluchea lanceolata) as one of its main ingredients. Rasna is known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, and it is often used in Ayurvedic medicine to address joint and muscle-related issues.

However, the exact composition of Valiya Rasnadi Kashayam can vary depending on the tradition, manufacturer, and intended use. Other herbs that might be included in the formulation could include ingredients like ginger, Guggulu, devadaru (Cedrus deodara), and so on. These herbs are commonly used in Ayurvedic formulations for their potential therapeutic effects on joint and musculoskeletal health.

It is mainly prescribed for the treatment of Joint Pain, Swelling in joints, Arthritis, gout, Rhumatism, Facial Palsy, Hemiplegia, stiffness, and paralysis.

The main ingredient is Rasna – Pluchea 

It is prepared under the reference of Sahasrayogam.

Medicinal plants and other ingredients used in the preparation of Valiya Rasnadi Kashayam

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Rasna – Pluchea 
Vasa – Malabar nut
Bhumiamia/Tamlki – phyllanthus niruri 
Agaru- Eaglewood 
Mustka –
Bharangi – Beetel killer – Clerodendrum serratum 
Sunthi – Ginger
Chitrak – White leadwort 
Chayva – Cubeb 
Daruhaldi – Tree turmeric
Haldi – Turmeric
Patola – Pointed gourd 
Wilva – Bael
Shyonak- Broken Bone tree
Gambhari – Beech wood
Devdaru – Deodar 
Ghokhru – Yellow vine



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