Thamra Bhasmam

Thamra Bhasmam, also known as Tamra Bhasma, is another Ayurvedic preparation that involves the use of a metal, in this case, copper. Similar to Swarna Bhasma, Thamra Bhasmam is processed through a series of purification and incineration steps to convert copper into its ash form. This ash is then further processed to remove impurities and create a fine powder.

In Ayurveda, Thamra Bhasmam is believed to possess therapeutic properties and is used for various health conditions. It is considered to have astringent, anti-inflammatory, and rejuvenating effects. It is sometimes used in the treatment of conditions such as anemia, respiratory disorders, and skin diseases.

However, like with other Ayurvedic metal preparations, there are concerns about the safety and potential toxicity of Thamra Bhasmam. Copper toxicity can occur if the preparation is not properly processed or if it is used inappropriately. Copper is an essential trace mineral for the body, but excessive or poorly processed copper can lead to serious health issues.

Before considering the use of Thamra Bhasmam or any other Ayurvedic preparation, it is crucial to consult a qualified healthcare professional. They can help determine whether such treatments are suitable for your health condition and provide guidance on their safe usage. It’s also important to be aware of regulatory guidelines and warnings related to the use of Ayurvedic metal preparations in your region.

Thamra Bhasmam is an Ayurveda medicine in the form of talc, mainly used in the  treatment of  high cholesterol, cough, cold, asthma, eye diseases, anemia, piles, tuberculosis, skin diseases, helminthiasis, obesity, etc.

The main ingredient

  • Thamra -Copper


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