Sugar cane

The Scientific name of Sugarcane: Saccharum officinarum

Name of Sugarcane in different languages:-

English: Sugarcane

Sanskrit: Jeevani, Ikshu

Hindi: Ganna, Pundiya

Malayalam: Karimbu-കരിമ്പ്

Tamil: கரும்பு-Karumbu

Plant description of Sugarcane:

Sugar cane is a perennial plant, that belongs to the grass family, and grows to heights up to 15 feet, stems are strong, un-branched, grow in clumps, grow in joint nodes, and color is yellowish-green, pink, or purplish. The leaves are long, alternate, thick midribs, toothed edges, and grow to a length of 60 cm and width of 5 cm.

Useful plant parts:

Stem (Juice)

Medicinal uses:

To treat jaundice, control Pitta, clean blood, strengthen stomach, kidneys, brain and sex organs, heart and eyes, Good energizer.

Chemical content:

Iron and carbohydrate.

The Sugar cane is used as an ingredient to prepare Ayurvedic medicines like:-

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