Stone flower

The scientific name of Stone Flower: Parmelia perlata

Name of Stone flower in different languages:-

Sanskrit: Shaileyam, Shilapushpa, Shilapushp

Hindi: Chadeela, Pathar ka phool

English: Stone flower, Litho lichen

Malayalam: Kalpoov കല്പൂവ് Kalppayal കൽപ്പായൽ, Cheleyam

Tamil: Kal malar-கல் மலர்

Useful plant parts: whole plant

Plant description of Stone flower:

It is belong to algae family, it has a dark lower side with rootlets that connect the lichen to its substrate, the upper side found in several colors – grey, yellow, brown and have reproductive organs on it. These may be spore-producing bodies, both vegetative structures. In between these two layers is the medulla which contains the algal component of the lichen.

Medicinal uses: To treat vitiated Kapha, Pitta, wounds, skin diseases, diarrhea, dysentery, renal calculi, cough, fever infections, and inflammation.

Chemical contents: lecanoric acid, Atranorin (Alkaloid)

The stone flower is used as an ingredient to prepare Ayurvedic medicines like:

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