Slender Oldenlandia

Scientific name of Slender Oldenlandia: Oldenlandia herbacea

Name of Slender Oldenlandia in different languages:-

Sanskrit: Chhayaparpatika

Hindi: Paper bhed

English: Slender Oldenlandia

Malayalam: Njonganampullu നൊങ്ങണംപുല്ല്

Plant description:

It is an erect, many-branched herb, branches are slender, and leaves are linear– lance-shaped, oppositely arranged. Flowers are white, and tiny and appear in leaf axils, singly on slender long stalks, 4 spreading petals; up to 5 mm in diameter. Fruit is round capsules shaped and contains small seeds inside.

Useful plant parts:

Whole plant

Medicinal uses:

Used to treat elephantiasis, burning sensation, asthma, bronchitis, inflammations, ulcers, and fever.

How to prepare medicines:

Slender Oldenlandiais the one of the ingredients in Ayurveda medicines like-

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