The scientific name of Shallot: Allium cepa aggregatum

Name of Shallot in different languages:-

English: Small onion, Indian onion

Hindi: Chotta pyaaz


Malayalam: Chuvannully, Cheriya ully

Tamil: Chinna vengayam, sambar vengayam

Plant description:

It is an annual plant, stalks grow up to 50 cm, the leaves are bright green, long and round, and tapered apex, The bulbs are formed in clusters of offsets, with multiple cloves, golden brown to rose or red. The flowers are small, white, and born in clusters at the stalk apex. It is cultivated mainly for culinary uses.

Useful plant parts:

Bulb, stem

Medicinal uses:

To treat gastric problems, to prepare postnatal care medicines, inflammatory diseases such as prostatitis, cystitis etc, and LDL.

Chemical content:

Pyridoxine, folic acid, selenium, quercetin (flavanoid).

Medicinal properties:

Antioxidant, Anti-microbial, Organosulphur compounds.

How to prepare medicines

  • 1.To cure bruise -Well crushed bulbs of shallot mix with coconut and add a little salt can cover on the affected area and banded with a neat cotton cloth.
  • 2.It is a rich source of Natural Sulphur, which can prevent premature graying, crushed well to juice and apply on head and keep it for half an hour, and then wash with cold water.
  • 3.Crush one or two piece with coconut oil to apply on bruise area can cure well


Used as an ingredient in


Chuvannully lehyam

Murivenna Thailam


Scientific studies:

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