Sessile Joyweed

The scientific name of Sessile joy weed: Alternathera sessilis

Name of Sessile joy weed in different languages:-

English: Dwarf copperleaf

Sanskrit: Matsyaksi

Hindi: Garundi, Guroo

Malayalam: Ponnangani പൊന്നങ്ങാണി, Ponnankanni-പൊന്നാങ്കണ്ണി

Tamil: பொன்னாங்கண்ணி-Ponnankanni

Plant description:-

Ponnankanni – Alternanthera sessilis is a perennial herb, often found in plane areas, wastelands, roadsides as a weed in medium wet areas. It is a branched prostrate herb; leaves are simple, oppositely arranged, lanceolate, oblong, glabrous, the flowers are small, white, found in axillary clusters.

Useful plant parts – Whole plant.

Medicinal Properties – Antimicrobial, antibacterial, wound healing.

Medicinal Uses – It improves vision and reduces eye diseases, wound healing, increase heart function, enhances blood circulation, induces brain.

Chemical content – α-and β- spinasterols, β- sitosterol, stigmasterol , Citrosterol, chitamosterol, keppestral, oleonolic acid and  lupine.

How to prepare medicines –  Edible, it can be consumed as a vegetable.

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