The Scientific name of Sesame: Sesamum indicum

Name of Sesame in different languages:-

English: Gingely, Gingelly, Ajonjoli

Sanskrit: Thil – तिल

Hindi: Til- तिल

Malayalam: Ellu എള്ള്

Plant Description:-

The sesame plant is an annual herb, growing up to the height of 1 m., Leaves are small and green in color and hairy, flowers are either white or pink, seeds are contained in a pod, sized 1-1.5 inches long, it is cultivated for Sesame oil

Useful plant parts:

Oil, leaf, stem

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Elongates Margin-Entire Venation-Reticulate


Medicinal uses:

The oil of seeds is a mediator (base) in preparing many Ayurveda oils.

Chemical contents:

Pinoresinol and Lariciresinol

How to prepare medicines:

Sesame is one of the ingredients in Ayurveda medicines:-


Anu Thailam  Grahanimihira Taila   Narayana thailam
Apamarga Kshara taila  Guduchyadi Tailam  Neelibhringadi thailam
Arimedadi Thailam Gulgulu marichadi Thailam  Neelolpaladi thailam
Arukaladi Thailam Himasagara Tailam  Nirgundi thailam
Asana Eladi Thailam  Jathyadi thailam Panchamla Thailam
Asana Manishtadi Oil  Karanja Tailam  Panchavalkadi Thailam
Asana Manjishtadi Thailam Karpasathyadi Tailam  Pinda thailam  
Asana Vilwadi Thailam Kasisadi Tailam   Pippaliyadi thailam 
Asaneladi Thailam  Keshamrith Thailam  Prameha Mihira Taila
Ashwagandha Thailam Kottamchukkadi Thaialam  Prasarani Kuzhambu 
Bala Ashwagandadi tailam  Ksheerabala Thailam  Prasariniyadi Thailam
Bala Thailam Kubja Prasarini Tailam  Rasnadi Thailam
Balahatadi tailam Kumkumadi Thailam  Sahacharadi Kuzhambu
Balaswagandhadi Thailam  Kunjunniyadi Tailam  Sahacharadi Thailam
Balathyadi Thailam Kurumthotti Enna  Seethamsu Tailam
Bhringamalakadi Taila Lakshadi Oil  Shangapushpi Tailam
Bhringaraja Taila Maha Vishagarbha Tailam Sudhabala Thailam
Brihat Dashamoola Tailam  Mahalakshadi Thailam Tekaraja Thailam  
Chandanadi Thailam  Mahamasha Thailam   Tenginpushpadi Thailam 
Chandanbala Laxadi Oil  Mahanarayana Thailam   Triphaladi Thailam 
Chinchadi Thailam  Maharajaprasarini Thailam  Vacha Lasunadi thailam
Chinchady Kuzhambu  Manjishtadi Thailam  Vachadi thailam
Danwantharam Thailam Marichadi Thailam  Vajraka Thailam
Dhanwantharam Kuzhambu  Marma thailm  Vasachandanadi Thailam
Dhurdhurapatradi Thailam  Medhavi Thailam  Vathavidamsini thailam
Eladi Thailam  Mushikadi Taila Vilwapachottiyadi Thailam
Eladi Velichenna  Nagaradi Thailam  Vishnu Thailam
Gandha Thailam  Nalpamaradi Thailam Vyaghri Taila

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