Screw pine

Scientific name of Screw pine: Pandanus odoratissimus

Name of Screw pine in different languages:-

English: Fragrant Screw Pine, Umbrella tree, Screw tree

Hindi: गगण धूल Gagan dhul, जम्बाला Jambala, जम्बूल jambul, केतकी Ketaki

Sanskrit: हनीलःHanilha, जम्बूल jambul, केतकी Ketaki,  पांसुका Pansuka, सुगंधिनी Sugandhini

Tamil: கேதகை Ketakai, தாழை Talai

Malayalam: പൂക്കൈത-Pookaitha, കൈനാറി-Kainaari, കൈത-Kaitha, Thazha-തഴ

Plant description

Pandanus odoratissimus – Screw pine is an evergreen spiny shrub with a single trunk, that grows to 4 to 14 m. tall. Leaves are long and sword-shaped with a toothed margin, up to 150 cm long. The fruit is big, shaped like pine corn, and dark green.

Useful plant parts: Leaf root, flower

Medicinal uses: to treat Hemorrhoids

How to prepare medicines:

Screw pine is one of the ingredients in Ayurveda medicines like-

Maharajaprasarini Thailam

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