The scientific name of Rue: Ruta Angustifolia

Name of Garden Rue in different languages:-

English: Ruta, Common rue, Garden rue

Hindi: Satap, Sadab

Sanskrit: Sadapaha, Somalata

Malayalam: Arootha-അരൂത, Somalatha-സോമലത

Useful plant parts: Leaf, Whole plant.

Plant description:

Ruta is an evergreen subshrub growing 20 to 60 cm tall, The leaves are bluish-green in color, strongly scented, and bipinnate or tripinnate, with a feathery appearance, the flowers are yellow, with 4 to 5 petals, the fruit is a lobed capsule, containing many seeds.

Medicinal uses: Skin diseases, worm infestation in children.

Chemical Contents: Abortifacient, Expectorant, Haemostatic, Anthelmintic,  Antiinflammatory,  Antispasmodic, Carminative, Antidiarrhoeal, Antidote,  Emetic, Emmenagogue,

How to prepare medicines:

Extracts of rue plant are used in the treatment of eye problems, and it is a good insect repellent, it is used to treat menstrual problems, it is a sedative.

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