Rough Bryony

Scientific name of Rough Bryony: Cucumis maderaspatanus

Name of Rough Bryony in different languages:-

Sanskrit: Paripushkara

Hindi: Aganaki, Agumaki

English: Madras pea pumpkin, Rough bryony

Malayalam: Perapaticka-പീരപപെട്ടിക്ക, Mukkpeeram-മുക്കാപീരം

Plant Description:

It is a climber a perennial vine grows up to 6 meters high. Leaves are alternately arranged, hairy, rough bright green in color on the upper surface, Symmetrical ovate leaves, angularly, deeply 3 to 5 lobed, and up to 9 cm long. Flowers are small and yellow in color, which occurs in March-April. Fruits are green with white blotched stripes and it is turning bright red in color when it is ripe, commonly 2-3 seeds contain in the fruits.

Useful plant parts:

Seeds, Leaf, stem.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Cordate Margin-Entire Venation-palmate

Medicinal uses:

flatulence, rheumatic pain, coughs, and skin diseases.

Chemical contents: 

Cucurbitacin, glycosides, this plant roots are toxic

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