Ringworm shrub

Scientific name of Ringworm shrub: Senna Alata

Name of Ringworm shrub in different languages:-

English: Candle bush

Sanskrit: Dvipagasti, Dadrughna

Hindi: Dadmurdan

Malayalam: Anathakara-ആനത്തകര

Useful plant parts: Leaf

Plant description of Ringworm shrub:-

Ring worm tree is commonly found in wasteland areas, roadsides etc, it is a shrub, erect and 3 to 4 m tall,  leaves  are dark green in colour with the size 50 to 80 cm long. Flowers looks like a yellow candle, this plant’s leaves are effective for fungal infections, so it is called Ringworm tree. The fruit shaped like a pod and sized up to 20 – 25 cm long.

Medicinal uses: To treat ringworm and other fungal diseases on the skin.

Chemical content: Anti-fungal properties

How to prepare medicines: Apply leaf juice with coconut oil on ringworm affected area


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