Red garlic

The scientific name of Red garlic: Eleutherine plicata

Synonyms: Sysirinchium bulbosum, Galatea bulbosa

Name of Red garlic in different languages:-

English: Small-flowered Marica, red garlic


Sanskrit: Vishanarayani

Malayalam: Neerottikizhangu,


Plant description:

It is a perennial semi-shrub found throughout Mexico, South America, and Kerala. It grows in rhizomes, bulbs, tubers, corms, or tuber-like rhizomes, a dark red color. Flowers are regular, in a long stamen, usually in inflorescences, bisexual; flowers are white, six petals ovate, and 3 cm in diameter, open in the evening, and are scented but are completely shriveled by morning. The narrow pleated foliage anchors 10” flower spikes that start in late summer and continue until frost. Perianth is coralloid; stamen no 3, styles are 5 or 6 lobed; the ovary is inferior, trilocular. Fruit is a multi-seeded, oblong, or roundish loculicidal capsule.

Useful plant parts:


Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Long Margin-Entire Venation-parallel

Medicinal uses:

Breast cancer, high blood pressure-lowering, diabetes, cholesterol, ulcers, colon cancer and stroke preventive

Chemical content:

Quinoids-( naphthoquinone, eleutherinone, eleutherin and eleutherol)

Medicinal properties:

Antibacterial, Antifungal, antiamoebic.

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