The scientific name of Ramba: Pandanus amaryllifolius

Name of Ramba in different languages:-

English: Ramba foy, Pandan Leaves

Hindi: Rampe

Malayalam: Biriyani Kaitha, Ramba

Tamil: Ramba-ரம்பா

Plant description:

Pandan is an upright erect, long-leaved evergreen plant that grows up to 5 feet. The leaves are smooth, long, and sword-shaped, and spread like an umbrella, the roots are woody.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Long Margin-Entire Venation-parallel

Useful plant parts:

Leaves, Root

Medicinal uses:

To treat wounds, leprosy, skin disorders smallpox, thyroid problems, headache, Gum problems, and bad breath.

Chemical Contents:

Acetyl pyrolin, tannin, glycosides, antioxidants, and alkaloids

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