Purging Croton

Scientific name of Purging Croton: Croton tiglium

Name of Purging Croton in different languages:-

Sanskrit: Neervalam, Kumbini

Malayalam: Nanchu നഞ്ച്, Valam വാളം Neervalam നീർവാളം

Hindi: jamagota

Useful plant parts: Seed, leaf, root

Plant description:-

Croton tiglium (Croton tiglium) is an evergreen tree, found in tropical areas, western ghats areas, grows to the height up to 6 meters height, monoecious, leaves are, dark green, a waxy look, 5cm to 10 cm long and 3cm to 5 cm broad, leaf margin toothed. The flowers are small, brownish- yellow,5 petaled, clustered, Seeds are black,1 cm long, hard shelled, contain in the fruit, length up to 3 cm., and yellow in colour when ripe.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Cordate Margin-toothed Venation-reticulated


Medicinal uses:

Oil is used as a purgative medicine, diarrhea, summer complaints, and skin problems.

The chemical contents:

Glyceryl crotonate, crotonic acid, crotonic resin, phorbol esters, and crotonic acid.

Medicinal Properties: 

Severe purgative

It is  one of the ingredients in the Ayurveda medicines like-

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