Scientific name of Pineapple: Ananas sativus

Name of Pineapple in different languages:-

Malayalam: Kannara കന്നാരചക്ക, കന്നാര ചെടി, kaithachakka-കൈതച്ചക്ക

Useful plant parts: Fruit, leaf

Plant description:

It is a tropical plant with long spiny leaves, grow up to 1 M tall, margin of the leaves toothed with thorns, and resembles with a sword, mature plant produces a crown, shaped like a pine corn with little blue flowers, this corn will grow fleshy and developed as pineapple fruit.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Long Margin-Spiny Venation-parallel
 long  Margin_Spiny-Sharp-stiped-point  Venation-Parallel

Medicinal uses:

Anti-inflammatory or as a proteolytic agent, antihelminthic agent, to treat colitis, to treat indigestion, throat problems.

Chemical content:


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