The scientific name of Pellitory: Anacyclus pyrethrum

Name of  Pellitory  in different languages:-

English: Mount Atlas daisy, Spanish chamomile

Sanskrit: Akkakkaram

Hindi: Akkal-Kara

Tamil: அக்கரகாரம்

Malayalam: Akkakkaram- അക്കക്കാരം

Plant description:

It is a perennial herb,  growing up to 1 feet tall, leaves are small, pale green on top and silver in the bottom, mostly found in Himalaya region spring-blooming ornamental plant with white flowers small yellow color in the center, petal  white on top and red in the bottom.

Useful plant parts: Root

Medicinal uses: To reduce the toothache, treat diabetes

Chemical contents: Anacycline, hydrocarolin,  sesamin,  pellitorine and volatile oil

One of the ingredients in-


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