Panchavalkam–The five medicinal trees bark

Panchavalkam is an Ayurveda combination according to Oushdayogangal which used in the preparation of Ayurveda medicines. It is a combination of Five tree barks that yield a milky sap are called Pancha Valkam trees.

Members of Panchavalkalam- The Five Medicinal tree barks group


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1. Athi (അത്തി)-Ficus Racemosa – Common Fig

2. Ethy (ഇത്തി)-Ficus Microcarpa – Dye Fig

3. Arayal (അരയാൽ)-Ficus religiosa – Pipal Tree

4. Peral (പേരാൽ )-Ficus Benghalensis – Banyan Tree

5. Attuvanchi (ആറ്റുവഞ്ചി )-Willow Leaved Water Croton

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