Panchajeeraka Gudam

Panchajeeraka Gudam – പഞ്ചജീരക ഗൂഡം -അഞ്ചു ജീരകകങ്ങൾ + ശർക്കര is an Ayurveda medicine in the form of medicated jam form, mainly prescribed for the treatment of Cough, Loss of appetite, Anorexia, Indigestion, Vaginal disorders and Regulates metabolic activities. It helps to attain body weight. Useful in Postnatal care. It is a Protein Balancer medicine and is prescribed as a health tonic for women.

Panchajeerakam Pancha means Five and Jeerakam – cumin seed -അഞ്ചു ജീരകകങ്ങൾ

It is prepared according to the reference of Sahasrayoga, Lehya prakarana and formulated on the basis of South Indian Ayurveda Method.

Panchajeerak Gudam Benefits:

Postnatal care of the mother.
Reduce the cough, cold, bronchitis, rhinitis, and asthma.
Relieves fever and polyurea.

Herbal plants and other ingredients used in the preparation of Panchajeeraka Gudam

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Pankaja kasturi
Nagarjuna Ayurveda

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