Scientific name of Paddy: Oryza sativa Linn

Name of Paddy in different languages:-

English: Asian rice

Sanskrit: Shashtika, Vreehi, Sali

Hindi: Dhan, Chaval

Tamil: நெல்-Nel

Malayalam: Nellu, Njavara

Plant description of Paddy:

It is an annual grass, growing in the wetland area, in a clump of upright stems grows on fibrous hair roots, up to 1 m or more tall, The leaves are long, leaf blades are flat, and sharp apex, grows about 35 cm. long. The flowers are born on broad, branched clusters, oblong spikelets, contain a single kernel of grain are form dense clusters. It is enveloped in husks that contain rice.

Useful plant parts:

Rice, Seed, Root

Njavara or Navara Nellu

Medicinal uses:

burning sensation, colonopathy, bilious fever, diabetes, pitta disorders, pneumonia, diarrhea etc.

Chemical contents:

cooling, diuretic, febrifuge

it is used as an ingredient to prepare Ayurveda medicines like:


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