Oleander Spurge

The Scientific name of Oleander Spurge: Euphorbia neriifolia

Name of Oleander Spurge in different languages:-

English: Indian Spurge Tree, Leafy milk hedge

Sanskrit: Pathrasnuk, vajra

Hindi: Thohar, Sehund, Sij

Malayalam: Elakkalli/Ilakkalli – ഇലക്കള്ളി

Tamil: Naga Kalli

Plant description:

It is a large branched shrub or small tree, that belongs to the euphorbia family, and grows to 1.8-4.5 m in height, with pairs of stipular spines on tubercles or swellings of the branchlets. Young plants have many branched that carry small leaves at the end, obovate, involucres yellowish, 3-7 in a cyme, usually 3, with a very short fleshy peduncle about 3.8 mm long, but it will disappear soon, most of them are erect, flowers are yellow while cracking plant stem or leaf, a white milky substance( latex) will occur. Stems are covered with thorns which are alternately and spirally arranged. Fruits are tricoccous,  seeds brownish.

Leaf Arrangement


Shape-longitudinal Margin-Entire Venation-pinnate
 Margin_Entire  Venation-pinnate


Useful plant parts:

Latex, Stem, Leaves

Medicinal uses:

To reduce anxiety, and fits, to treat stomach, and skin cancers, as a wound healer, bronchitis, tumors, delirium, enlargement of the spleen tumors, leucoderma appetite, and inflammations.

Chemical content:

Friedelan-3alpha, friedelan-3beta-ol, taraxeroln-hexacosanol, Cyclo artenol, Euforbol.

Medicinal Properties: 

Expectorant, digestive, stomach, abortive, carminative, antirheumatic.

How to prepare medicines:

The root of the plant is ground with black pepper and applied on affected areas for skin diseases, To remove warts apply latex directly, to remove the thorns from the body parts apply latex directly, well ground root mixed with water is an excellent antiseptic.

Oleander Spurge is one of the ingredients in Ayurveda medicines like-

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