The scientific name of Nervilia: Nervilia aragoana Gaud.

Synonyms: Pogonia flabelliformis, P. carinata

Name of Nervilia in different languages:-

English: Single leaf lotus

Hindi: Sthalapadma

Sanskrit: Padmacarini

Malayalam: Orilathamara-ഒരില താമര

Tamil: Orilattamarai

Plant description:

It is a terrestrial herb throughout Travancore, with like heart-shaped, single, lotus leaf-like leaf raised on a long stalk with sub-globose white fleshy tubers, simple, orbicular or sub-reniform, base cordate, 13 or more ribbed, margin wavy, almost coarsely toothed, 10 to 25 cm diameter, Petiole 10-20 cm long, sepals and petals pale green veined with purple, lip white 3-lobed about the middle, veined with purple, tinged with yellow near the base, mid lobe ovate, acute, crisped, hairy.

Useful plant parts: Whole plant

Medicinal uses: To treat uropathy, colic, mental instability, asthma, lithiasis, epileptic fits

Medicinal properties: Galactogogue, uterine tonic, diuretic

One of the ingredients in Ayurveda medicine:-

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