The Scientific name of Mukia: Mukia maderaspatana

Name of Mukia in different languages:-

Sanskrit: Trikoshaki, Kritarandhra

Hindi: Chirati

Malayalam: Mukkapeeram മുക്കാപീരം

Useful plant parts: leaf, fruit,

Plant description:

Mukia- Mukia maderaspatana is an annual monoecious, flowering, climber with tendril , belonging to Cucurbitaceae family, mostly found in deciduous forests and in the plains Leaves are ovate, angular or shallowly 3 to 5-lobed, base cordate, apex acuminate, sized 4 to 8 cm long and 3 to 7 cm wide, petiole 6 cm., the flowers are yellow and small found in axillary, erect, in clusters, with five petals, 3 mm long. Fruits are berries, globose, green with white marks, turn deep red when ripe.

Medicinal uses: Antidiabetic, antioxidative.

Chemical contents: phenolics such as quercetin and phloroglucinol, Quercetin, methanol

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