Mountain Ebony

Scientific name of Mountain Ebony: Bauhinia purpurea

Name of Mountain Ebony in different languages:-

English:  Pink butterfly tree, Purple bauhinia, Purple orchid tree, camel’s foot tree.

Sanskrit: Kancanara, Kancan, Pakari, Kovidara, Dalak, Canari, Pitpushpa, Girij, Yugmaputra, Mahapushpa, Karbudara.

Hindi: Kaniar कनियार

Malayalam: Mandaram മന്ദാരം, Kovidaram

Plant description:

Mountain Ebony or Purple Orchid Tree – Bauhinia purpurea is a small, tropical tree. The leaves are light green, ovate, notched at the tip, can reach up to 20 feet tall. The flowers are pink, fragrant and Orchid-like; found in September to November.

Useful plant parts:

Bark, flower, root.

Medicinal uses:

Cough, Asthma, stomach disorders, throat pain, skin disorders etc.

One of the ingredient in-


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