Mexican poppy

Scientific name of Mexican poppy: Argemone mexicana

Name of Mexican poppy in different languages:-

English: Mexican prickly, poppy and Flowering thistle

Sanskrit: Svarnakshiri, Sarshapa, Katuka, Bhutaghna, Rakshitaphala, Turtubha, Rakta sarshapa

Malayalam: Erumakkally-എരുമക്കള്ളി

Useful plant parts: Root, stem, flower, resin.

Plant Description:

Mexican Prickly Poppy or Erumakkalli is a prickly, branching, erect, herb, height up to 4 ft, with yellow latex and yellow flowers sized 2.5 to 5.0 cm, occur at the end of branches, flowering can throughout the year, fruits are like capsules, Leaves are thistle-like, oblong, multiple-cut, spiny, it has white veins.

Medicinal uses:

Wound healer, to relieve the kidney pain, and help to expel a torn

Chemical content: Alkaloids, Sanguinarine, and Dihydrosanguinarine.

How to prepare medicines:

Mexican poppy is one of the ingredients in Ayurveda medicines like-


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