Medicinal Yam

The scientific name of Medicinal Yam:  Dioscorea floribunda Mar. & Gal.

Name of Medicinal Yam in different languages:-

English:  Medicinal Yam Hindi:  Khamalu, Chupri alu Sanskrit:  Alukam

Malayalam:  Marunnukachil

Tamil:  Perumvallikkizhangu, Kappan kachil

 Plant description:

It is a climbing vine ,non-hairy,with slender or stout stems. The tubers or yam are brown on the surface and are cream coloured interior. The leaves are petiolate, spirally disposed on the stem. Petiole 5 -7.5 cm long, furrowed, both ends swollen, green except the swollen ends, the latter are light brown in color, the proximal swelling is about 1 cm long, while the distal is nearly 2.5 cm in length. Lamina sub-coriaceous, broadly ovate, deeply cordate, acuminate, margin entire and green. The plant is dioecious. The male inflorescence solitary or rarely paired, rachis slender. Flowers solitary or in groups of 2-3, dark brown or green, sessile; Perianth membraneous, tubular, segments erect, imbricate, elliptical, obtuse, stamens 6, centrally placed in two alternate whorls of 3 each. Female spike short, solitary, Perianth distinct, stipitate, campanulate, staminoids 6, stylar column high, stigma divaricate, apex bifid. Seeds are winged and brown in color.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Oblong Margin-Entire Venation-Arcuate
 oblong-ovate  Margin_Entire  arcuate

Useful plant parts: 

Tubers, Yam

Medicinal uses: 

Used as a contraceptive

Chemical contents:  

Diosgenin, Sapogenin, steroids

Medicinal properties:


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