Marshmallow plant

The scientific name of Marshmallow plant: Althaea Officinalis

Name of Marshmallow in different languages:-

English: common marshmallow

Hindi: Gulkhairo

Sanskrit: Khatmi

Malayalam: Vellooram,

Tamil: marsh-mallow-மார்ஷ்மெல்லோ

Plant description:

it is are erect stemmed,  perennial plant,grow to 3 to 4 ft.branched, the leaves are shortly petioled, round, ovate-cordate, up to 76 mm long,3cm broad, margin entire or 3 to 5 lobed, irregularly toothed, and thick,soft and velvety. The flowers are like a common mallow, smaller and pale pinkish colour, and in axillary, or in panicles.

Useful plant parts: Root, leaf

Medicinal uses: To treat ulcers, gastric ulcers, to increase breast milk and soothe the bronchial tubes, sore throat

Chemical content: altheahexacosanyl lactone, 2β-hydroxycalamene,altheacoumarin glucoside, phytoconstituents, β-sitosterol lauric acid, and lanosterol

Medicinal properties: anti microbial and anti inflammatory

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