Marsh Barbel

The scientific name of Marsh Barbel: Hygrophila schulli/ Asteracantha longifolia

Name of Marsh Barbel in different languages:-

English: Gokulakanta, Chulli

Sanskrit: Kokilaksha, Ikshura

Hindi: Talmakhana, Kamtakalya

Malayalam: Vayalchulli, Chulli

Plant description:

Marsh Barbel is a fleshy aquatic perennial herb, that grows to the height of 2 m., erect, unbranched, stem hairy near to the swollen nodes, leaves are lance-shaped, stalkless, up to 15 cm long, found in whorls of 6 at the node of the stem, yellow, in each leaf axils there are 4 cm long spines. Flowers are purple-blue, and occur in 4 pairs at each node, 3 cm long and 2-lipped – the upper lip is two-lobed and the lower one tri-lobed with the length-wise fold. Flowering season is from October to April.

Useful plant parts:

Whole plant, The Roots, Leaves, and Seeds.

Medicinal uses:

To treat rinary calculus, cold, eye-diseases, dysentery, anemia, burning sensation, toxics, impotency increase sexual vigour.

Chemical content:

Aliphatic esters,oxo-hentriacontanyl acetate and methyl, Butelin, Stigmastero,   and β-sitosterol, Lupeol, Asteracanthine and asteracanthinin.

Marsh Barbel is used as an ingredient to prepare the Ayurvedic medicines like:

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