Marichadi Thailam

Marichadi Thailam is a traditional Ayurvedic herbal oil renowned for its therapeutic properties. This oil is known for its effectiveness in alleviating joint and muscle pain, making it a popular choice in Ayurvedic treatments for conditions like arthritis and muscular strains. It is prepared using a combination of powerful herbs, with black pepper (Maricha) being a key ingredient, known for its warming and analgesic properties. The application of Marichadi Thailam through massage helps in improving blood circulation, reducing inflammation, and promoting overall comfort and mobility. This oil is valued for its natural approach to pain relief in Ayurvedic medicine.

Marichadi Thailam is mainly used in the treatment of Cold Bronchitis, Nasal catarrh, Sneezing, Cough, Sinusitis etc.

the main ingredient is Maricha -Black pepper

Herbal plants and other ingredients used in the preparation of  Marichadi Thailam

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