Malathyadi Velichenna

Malathyadi Velichenna is mainly prescribed in the treatments of Alopecia, Dandruff, Scalp,  itching, and Sores over the scalp. It is prepared based on Kerala Ayurveda.

The main ingredient of this medicine is  Malathy – Jati – Spanish Jasmine -Jasminum grandiflorum.

Malathyadi Velichenna is a traditional Ayurvedic oil known for its therapeutic properties, particularly for skin health. This oil is prepared using a combination of various herbs and oils, and it is widely used in Ayurvedic practices for its potential benefits. Here are some of its traditional uses and benefits:

  1. Skin Health: Malathyadi Velichenna is commonly used for various skin conditions, including itching, rashes, and inflammation.
  2. Wound Healing: It may be applied topically to assist in the healing of wounds and injuries.
  3. Anti-inflammatory Properties: It is believed to have anti-inflammatory effects, potentially benefiting conditions characterized by inflammation.
  4. Eczema and Psoriasis: It is often used in cases of eczema and psoriasis to alleviate symptoms and support skin health.
  5. Burns and Scalds: It may be used for soothing and promoting healing in cases of minor burns and scalds.
  6. Allergic Reactions: It is believed to provide relief from allergic reactions on the skin.
  7. Acne and Pimples: Some formulations may be used for managing acne and pimples.
  8. Dermatitis: It is used in cases of dermatitis to alleviate itching and inflammation.
  9. General Skin Rejuvenation: Due to the presence of rejuvenating herbs, it is thought to promote overall skin health and vitality.
  10. Boils and Abscesses: It may be used to speed up the healing process of boils and abscesses.

It’s important to note that while Malathyadi Velichenna has a long history of traditional use, individual experiences and outcomes may vary. Consulting a qualified healthcare practitioner, particularly one with expertise in Ayurveda, is advisable before using this or any other Ayurvedic preparation, especially if you have specific skin concerns or conditions. Additionally, ensure that any product you use is obtained from a reputable source and prepared according to proper Ayurvedic practices.

Medicinal plants and other ingredients used in the preparation of  Malathyadi Velichenna

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