Malabar leaf

Scientific name of Malabar leaf: Cinnamomum tamala

Name of Malabar leaf in different languages:-

English: Indian bay leaf, Indian bark, Indian cassia, Malabathrum

Sanskrit: Tejpat, Tamalapattram-तमालपत्त्रम्

Hindi: Tejpatta-तेजपत्ता

Tamil:தாளிசபத்திரி Talishappathiri

Malayalam: Edana, Kumbil Maram

Plant description:

Malabar leaf is an evergreen medium tree; that grows up to 20 m tall, Leaves are long up to 20 cm and 5 cm broad, olive green, fragrant, ovate-oblong, opposite, lanceolate, glabrous; alternately arranged, and short-stalked. Three-nerved from the base.

Useful plant parts:

Bark, Leaf

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Lanceolate Margin-Entire Venation-parallel
 longitudinal  Margin_Entire

Medicinal uses:

To treat diabetes, blood purifier, gastric problems

Chemical contents:

Antioxidant, Methanolic extract.

Ayurveda medicinal uses of Malabar Leaf

Here are some of its potential Ayurvedic medicinal applications:

  1. Digestive Health: Malabar Leaf is believed to aid digestion and may be used to alleviate digestive disorders like indigestion and flatulence.
  2. Respiratory Support: It is used in cases of respiratory issues like coughs and colds, where it is believed to help clear congestion.
  3. Antimicrobial Properties: It is thought to have antimicrobial properties and may be used to address certain infections.
  4. Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Malabar Leaf is believed to have anti-inflammatory effects, potentially benefiting conditions characterized by inflammation.
  5. Wound Healing: It may be applied topically to assist in the healing of wounds and injuries.
  6. Fever Management: It is believed to have properties that may help in reducing fever.
  7. Relief from Respiratory Disorders: It may be used to alleviate symptoms of respiratory disorders like asthma and bronchitis.
  8. Antioxidant Effects: It is believed to have antioxidant properties, which can help protect cells from oxidative damage.
  9. Urinary Disorders: Malabar Leaf is used in cases of urinary disorders and may help in maintaining urinary tract health.
  10. Mouth and Throat Health: It may be used for oral hygiene and to soothe sore throats.
  11. Anti-Diabetic Effects: Some formulations may be used to help regulate blood sugar levels.
  12. Stress and Anxiety: It is believed to have calming effects on the nervous system and may be used for stress relief.

It is used as an ingredient to prepare the Ayurveda medicines like:

Alargin Tablets Eladi Vati Mahanarayan thaialam
Ardraka Khandavaleha Em Gesta Tablets Manjishtadi Thailam
Baladhatryadi Thailam Grahanimihira Taila Prameha Mihira Taila
Brihat Marichadi Taila Gritona Tablet Pranda Gutika
Chemparuthyadikera Tailam Guduchyadi modaka Roheethakarishtam
Chitrak Haritaki Guduchyadi Tailam Sarivadi Vati
Clearout Tablets Gulardrakam Shwasahara Kashaya
Dainik Tablet Himasagara Tailam Stanyajanana Rasayanam
Dainik Tablet Hrudya Virechana Lehyam Talisapatradi Vatakam
Dasamoolarishtam Karpooradi choornam Valiya Karpooradi Choornam
Devadarvyarishtam Khadirarishtam Vasachandanadi Taila
Dhanwantharam Kuzhambu Kumaryasavam Vyaghri Taila
Draksharishtam Lodhrasavam Vyoshadi Vatakam

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