Madana Kameswari Lehyam

Madana Kameswari Lehyam is an Ayurvedic medicine, in the form of  jam, prescribed for the treatments of aphrodisiac treatment, cough, diarrhoea, urinary tract disorders and bleeding disorders, improve sperm count, improves sperm and semen quality and quantity.

The name madana literally mean generating sexual desire and kameswary- means godess of sex- which is  related to sex and sex related problems,  it is  beneficial to improve vigor and strength, Natural libido enhancer, Corrects erectile dysfunction and oligospermia, Promotes Spermatogenesis, Enhances Semen Volume. This medicine is prescribed for Impotency, Oligospermia, Premature ejaculation, male  sexual problems etc.

Herbal plants and other ingredients used in the preparion of Madana Kameswari Lehyam

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