Lollipop Climber

The Scientific name of Lollipop Climber: Diplocyclos palmatus

Name of Lollipop climber in different languages:-

English: Striped cucumber, Native Bryony

Sanscrit: Lingini, Shivalingi

Malayalam: Irilakkova, Neyyunni (ഐവിരലിക്കൊവ, നെയ്യുണ്ണി)

Description of Native Bryony:-

Bryony or Lollipop Climber a perennial vine, grows up to 6 meters high. Leaves are alternately arranged, hairy and bright green in color on the upper surface. Flowers are small and yellow in color, which occurs in March-April. Fruits are green with white blotched stripes and it is turning bright red in color when it is ripe, and resemble five fingers, so it is called Irilakkova in Malayalam, fruits are small and a white line over it, and when ripe, it will become red in color, commonly 2-3 seeds contain in the fruits.

Useful plant parts:

Seeds, Leaf, stem.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Palmate Margin-irregular Venation-reticulated

Medicinal uses:

flatulence, rheumatic pain, coughs and skin diseases

Ripe fruits

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