Lantana weed

The scientific name of Lantana weed: Lantana camara Linn.

Name of Lantana weed in different languages:-

English: Multi-colored Lantana

Hindi: Name: CHATURANGI-चतुरंगी, Khaneri

Malayalam: Kongini, Poochedy, Aripoov, Nattachedi

Sanskrit: Chaturangi, Vanacchedi

Plant description:

Lantana is an erect, many-branched, woody, evergreen shrub, that grows up to 5 the height. Leaves are simple, ovate, arranged oppositely, apex acute, margin dentated and rough. Flowers are small, multi-colored yellow to red colored found in branch apex, The fruits is drupes, fleshy, green turns dark blue when ripe, which is sweet and jelly-like, contain a single seed.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-ovate Margin-dentated Venation-reticulated

Useful plant parts:

Whole plant, leaves, Flowers

Medicinal uses:

To treat vitiated vatha and kapha, skin diseases, malaria, epilepsy, toothache, wounds, convulsions, ulcers, swelling, fistula, and arthritis.

Chemical content:


Medicinal properties:


How to prepare medicines:

Dhobies itch: Made a decoction of raw turmeric and lantana weed leaves with stem applied three or more times on the affected area.

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