Kindal Tree

Scientific name of Kindal Tree: Terminalia Paniculata Roth / Pentaptera paniculata

Name of Kadam tree in different languages:

English: Flowering Murdah

Sanskrit: Asvakarnah

Hindi: Hanalu

Malayalam: Maruthu-മരുത്, Maruthy, poomaruthu, Pullamaruthu

Tamil: பூமருது Poomaruthu, Vadamaruthu

Plant description:

Kindal is a desidious big tree, grow up to 40 m. height and about 3 m. in diameter, bark brown, branches diverging, commonly found in the tropical areas of Western Ghats. Leaves are arranged opposite, elliptic-oblong, tapered at the tip. Flowers are occur in a spiked compound panicle,November-January, color pale yellow.  Fruit is reddish brown,with small wings.

Useful plant parts: Bark, flower

Medicinal uses: To treat Aneamia, bronchitis, Cholera, Leprosy

Medicinal uses: Anti inflammatory, Anti oxidant, Anti- bacterial, Cardio tonic, wound healing, cytotoxic, antifungal.

Ayurveda medicinal uses of Kindal Tree


Chemical contents: Alkaloids, tannin

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