Karkadaka Kanji

Karkidaka Kanji is a special combination of certain herbals prepared with the rice to make gruel ( porridge prepared with raw rice) and administrated in the month of July, at the peak of monsoon, in the Malayalam month ‘Karkkidakam’ so it is called Karkkidaka kanji/Karkadaka Kanji. Kerala is a the richest source of high quality herbs; In the monsoon season – June to September, the potency of herbal increases, most of the herbs are appearing in this season. The peak of monsoon is in Karkkidakam (Middle of July). It is beneficial to eliminate the ‘Ama’- toxins accumulated in the body, it is also beneficial to relive rheumatic complaints (Vatham) and enhance the strength of body and immunity power and balance Vata, pitha and Kapaha.

Ingredients used in the preparation of Karkidaka kanji

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Navarra or Njavara rice- A special paddy veriety
Whole mung beans -Vigna radiata – Cherupayar
Coconut milk – Thenga palu
Onions – Ully
Jaggery- Sharkkara
Nutmeg- jathikkai
Black cumin- Karimjeerakam
Dry ginger- Chukku
Aniseed – Perumjeerakam
Coriander – Mally
Cumin – Jeerakam
Cardomom – Elakkai
Fenugreek – Uluva
Peppergrass – Aashali
Cloves – Gramboo 
Dried Turmeric – Varattu Manjal
Balloon vine – Uzhinjil
Flannel weed (Arrowleaf sida)- Kurunthotti
Spreading hog-weed – Thazhuthama
Ajmoda – Ayamodakam
Stobianthus – Karikurinji
Yellow berried night shade – Puthirichunda
Adamant creeper – Changalam paranda
Cow’s milk – Pashuvin palu
Ghee – Neyyu
Salt- Uppu
Broken wheat – Njurukku Godambu

How to Prepare traditional Ayurveda Karkidaka Kaji

Half cup of Njavara rice, 2 table spoon of broken wheat and 2 table spoon of green gram(Mung bean) boiled water and wait till it cooked, then add half cup of cow’s milk and half cup of coconut milk to the preparation and allowed it to cook in low temperature, and then add 200 gm of jaggery, one tablespoon salt and other ingredients 1 table spoon each (Nutmeg, Black cumin, Dried ginger, Aniseed, Coriander seeds, Cumin seed, Cardamom, Fenugreek, Pepper grass, Cloves, Dried Turmeric, Balloon vine, Arrow leaf sida, Spreading hog weed, Ajmoda, Strobianthus, Yellow berried night shade, Adamant creeper) to the preparation. Wait for five minutes and then take out and allow to cool and serve.

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