Kans grass

Scientific name of Kans grass: Saccharum spontaneum

Name of Kans grass in different languages:-

English: Kans grass, Thatch grassWild sugar cane

Sanskrit: Kasa – Kasha

Hindi: कांस Kaans

Tamil: Pekkarimpu

Malayalam: Nannana

Plant description:

It is mostly seen in the Western Ghat area, It is a perennial grass, that grows up to 3 meters and spreads over rhizomatous roots. Leaves are long rough and lengths up to 1 meter and widths of up to 15 mm. Inflorescence is white, with soft hair and erect, which measures up to 30 cm long.

Useful plant parts: Whole plant, Root

Medicinal uses:
To treat Kidney stone, dyspepsia, piles, sexual weakness, gynecological disorders, respiratory problems, burning sensation, etc.

Chemical contents: Steroids, tannins, Alkaloids, Flavanoids, Saponins, Bufotenin etc.

Kan grass is used as an ingredient to prepare the Ayurvedic medicines like:

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