Indian mast tree

The Scientific name of the Indian mast tree: Polyalthia longifolia 

Name of Indian mast tree in different languages:

English: Indian Fir tree

Sanskrit: Devadaru

Hindi: Ashoka, Debdaru

Malayalam: Aranamaram-അരണമരം

Plant description of Indian mast tree:

Indian Fir tree native to India is a very tall, evergreen tree with thick foliage that can grow 30 ft or more in height, Young leaves are a copper brown in color and when it grows, its color becomes dark green. Its leaves are shaped like a lance and waved margins, the flowers are pale green and star-shaped, and the Fruit seems like clusters of 8-20 with green color and turning purple or black when it becomes ripe.

Useful plant parts: Wood, Leaf, and Root.

Medicinal uses: Fever, Skin diseases, Blood pressure, and Worm diseases.

How to prepare medicines: Seeds contain amino acids.

Medicinal properties: Antipyretic

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