Indian garcinia

The scientific name of Indian garcinia: Garcinia gummi-gutta

Name of Indian garcinia in different languages:

English: Brindleberry, Malabar tamarind, pot tamarind

Hindi: Bilathy Amly बिलाति अंलि

Malayalam: Kudampuly കുടംപുളി

Plant description:

Indian garcinia or Pot tamarind tropical tree grows up to 12 m tall. Leaves are simple, opposite, petiole 5 to 1.6 cm long, elliptic, tapered to apex, trunk and bark are reddish brown color and with yellowish sticky latex, flowers are borne in axillary as clusters, calyx cream and petals pink. Fruits or berries resembled pumpkin and pale green to yellow when ripe, globose, 6 to 8 grooved, 5 cm in diameter, and many-seeded. Dried fruits except seeds are the useful part.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Oblong Margin-Entire Venation-Parallel
 oblong  Margin_Entire  Venation-pinnate


Useful plant parts:

Fruits, roots bark

Medicinal uses:

To treat excess fat, Kapha disorders, and dysentery

Chemical contents:

Used as purgative medicines in Ayurveda.

How to prepare medicines:

Indian garcinia is one of the ingredients in Ayurveda medicines like-

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